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Hi there and welcome!

This is where I'll archive my fanfic works for both Star Trek Enterprise and Stargate: Atlantis. I'm in the process of organizing my archive from various sites so it'll be in one place. 

Please feel free to read and comment. Please note that all stories and art are copyright 2009-12 by A. Dameron, and please, do not steal.

Easy access to the master Fic lists:

Star Trek Enterprise (includes multi-chapter stories, single-chapter stories, Twilight AU and Drabbles)

Star Trek Enterprise Switcheroo Alternate Universe: The Adventures of Captain Sato

Stargate Atlantis Fics

Crossover Fics (Doctor Who/Enterprise, DW/SG1/SGA, SGA/Top Gear

BBC Sherlock Fics

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Writin' Across Universes Master FanFic List

Here is the master list of my fanfic on this archive. Stargate Atlantis is owned by MGM. Star Trek Enterprise is owned by CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement intended.

 Star Trek Enterprise

"Regular Universe" stories

The Bird in the Cage (Hoshi Sato) (Pre-series)
Chapters One and Two
Chapters Three and Four
Chapters Five and Six

Voices of Treachery
Chapters One and Two
Chapters Three and Four
Chapters Five and Six
Chapters Seven and Eight
Chapters Nine and Ten

The Three Musketeers, Reunited

Chapter One: Porthos and Artie and Chapter Two: Aramis
Chapter Three: Athos and Chapter Four: The Reunion Gets Planned, and Chapter Five: All for One and One for All

Five Weddings and a Funeral for my Sanity
Chapter One and Two
Chapter Three and Four
Chapter Five and Six
Chapter Seven and Eight

March History Challenge (Delphic Expanse)
Renaissance Italy (15th century)


Single Chapter Stories, Regular Universe
(Rated 18+ due to content)
 Single Stories, Twilight Universe

AU Switcheroo Series (The Adventures of Captain Sato's Enterprise)
(updated 12/27/10)

The AU Switcheroo Series has its own journal on Dreamwidth now, with its own listing of stories, character database and art.

To access this parallel universe, click here: 
AU Switcheroo

The web address is:


Drabbles (< 100 words)
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BBC Sherlock Fanfiction

BBC Sherlock Fics
(updated May 2012)

These were written/drawn in response to the "Party Shernanigans" week-long challenge on Tumblr.

Sherlock Holmes belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. BBC Sherlock by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. No infringement meant, no profit made, no episodes until at least Autumn 2013 (sob).

Collateral Damage

Love in Shadows

Waltz of Deception

When Denial Becomes Strength

An Old Friend and A New Enemy

A Terrifying Visitor from Her Past

Envy (Irene Adler's Thoughts)

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Collateral Damage

This prompt asked to reference John Watson's entry in his blog here: The Hounds of Baskerville

John didn't tell everything in his blog entry.

Italics are from John's blog entry. Molly's thoughts are in bold.

Greg Lestrade/Molly Hooper, pre-relationship. This happens after Sherlock, John, and Greg return to London from Devon.


Collateral Damage )
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2012-05-29 04:05 pm

Love in Shadows

This was in reply to a prompt with the words, "If you do, you start missing..." We had to set the fic/picture somewhere between 1900-90's. This is set in c. 1930's (pre-war London)
If You Do, You Start Missing... )
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2012-05-29 04:02 pm

Waltz of Deception

This little snippet was a reply to this music prompt: Vienna Blood by Strauss

Mycroft Holmes knows the social niceties. After all, they are needed to safeguard Her Majesty's realm.
Waltz of Deception )
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2012-05-29 03:58 pm

When Denial Becomes Strength

This is post-Reichenbach. Molly has helped Sherlock 'die' and is the only one who knows he's actually alive. Irene Adler pays Molly Hooper a visit at St. Bart's morgue. The Woman knows Molly better than Molly herself, esp. when it comes to loving Sherlock. (Yes, I know those two never actually met during "ASiB", but I think those two would have something in common.)

When Denial Becomes Strength (Molly Hooper and Irene Adler )

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2012-05-29 03:54 pm

An Old Friend and a New Enemy

John Watson discovers the dogtags of an old friend...and a new enemy.

This was inspired by the opening scene in "ASiP", with John's nightmare. I imagined it was Moran who shouted John's name when John was shot, and that he shouted "SEBASTIAN!" when he woke from the nightmare.
An Old Friend and a New Enemy )
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2012-05-29 03:50 pm
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A Terrifying Visitor from Her Past

 Mrs. Hudson has tea set out for Sherlock and John when they come back from their latest case. A terrifying visitor from her past comes by 221B instead. 

 A Terrifying Visitor from Her Past )
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2012-05-29 03:44 pm

Envy (Irene Adler's Thoughts)

Irene Adler envies him, but not for the reason people think. Envy )
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2011-09-29 12:02 pm

Chocophoria Chapter 1

Notes: I made Chef from Italy, and his name is Antonio. Italian: Buon giorno (good morning/day), Ciao, ragazze. (Hello, ladies.) Ciao, ci vediamo! (Bye, see you later!)Small references to ENT "Two Days Two Nights"
My OC Quartermaster (Master Chief) Antoine Desgauld is mentioned in "Five Weddings (and a Funeral for my Sanity)" and "A Klingon and an Englishman Walk into a Bar"

Chapter One )
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Chocophoria Chapter 2

Chef does wonders with mokka on Movie Night. Hoshi wears 'that dress', and the crew discovers the joy of Dnayui chocolate.

Mentions of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', 'Chocolate' and 'Winnie the Pooh'

Italian: pasticceria di cioccolatto (chocolate shop), captiano (captain, referring to Archer), amore (love), Tenente (Lieutenant), ragazzi (people, used in this case, it's more like the Southern ya'll), ciao a tutti! (See you later, everyone!

OCs: Ensign Philippe Trieste appears in "Five Weddings (and a Funeral for my Sanity)" and "A Klingon and an Englishman Walk into a Bar". He's Travis's gamma-shift helmsman. Lieutenant Capetl and Ensign Mujera work in Astrometrics and will appear again in a future story, "A Crack in the Universe"

Chapter Two )
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2011-09-29 11:50 am

Chocophoria Chapter 3

T'Pol indulges in some scientific analysis, with Trip's help. Malcolm discovers a new side to Hoshi, while Phlox feels protective towards Liz Cutler. A member of Engineering ends up in Sickbay (not Trip). Travis and a group of his Boomer friends decide to upgrade Shuttlepod One with some new Dnayui hardware.

French: "C'est le chocolat. Il y a une raison pour laquelle c'est la nourriture de l'amour.” (It's chocolate. There's a reason (why) it's the food of love.) “Mais oui.” (Of course.)

OCs: Ensign Neal Campbell is Hoshi's 2IC in the comm department. He was introduced in my story "Voices of Treachery".

Chapter Three )
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2011-05-25 09:14 am

Star Crossed Lovers and Fighters Chapter1

Don't own, don't sue. Originally written for the March History Challenge on The Delphic Expanse. My assignment was Renaissance Italy. Historical figures are mentioned in this story. A HUGE thank you to Honeybee for the beta!

Chapter One )
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2011-05-25 08:58 am

Star Crossed Lovers and Fighters Chapter 3

Malcolm encounters the handmaiden Estrella for the first time. He's shocked at his own reaction.

Archer, Malcolm and Carlo see Signor Kosso. Kosso has his own nefarious plans.

The Hundred Years War lasted from 1337-1453. It was actually a series of wars between the House of Valois and the House of Plantaganet. The Plantaganets ruled England and claimed the throne of France. Eventually, they were victorious.

Chapter Three )
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2011-05-25 08:56 am

Star Crossed Lovers and Fighters Chapter 4

Captain Archer must find a way out of Kosso's proposal. Carlo and Paola meet for the first time, and sparks fly. Estrella and Malcolm run into trouble in the streets of Venice.

More characters from ENT make appearances in this chapter. Can you find them, and who are they in the 'real universe'?

The Borgias: The original spelling of the name is the Spanish version, Borja. In 1455, Alonso de Borja was elected pope and took the name Calixtus III. He died only 3 years later, in 1458.

His nephew, Roderigo Borja/Borgia became a Papal administrator and cardinal (thanks to nepotism from his uncle's family). He later became Pope Alexander VI in 1492, succeeding Pope Innocent the VIII. Roderigo was the father of Lucrezia, Cesare, Giovanni (or Juan), Goffredo (or Jofre) and Ottoviano.

Chapter Four )